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What the test results revealed

The results suggest that most people could save money by getting multiple price comparisons, rather than relying on just one. According to these results, more than 90% of motorists would have achieved a saving, varying from as little as 11p right up to £750.78, with an average of £123.99, just by getting quotes from several price comparison sites, rather than just one.

There are some caveats, however. On the day that we conducted the tests, anyone else using the same criteria should have received similar results. We cannot be sure of this, though, since it is always possible that insurers, like many other high-tech companies, use personalised results, or geo-location to help them decide which data set to display.

It is also very difficult to produce a completely 'typical' set of criteria for the applicants so it is highly likely that another similar sized survey would produce a different set of results. We are sure, however, that the basic conclusion will be the same; that the majority of people searching for the cheapest car insurance could make considerable savings by spending an extra half an hour or so checking all the major price comparison sites, rather than just one.

So far we have not looked into the effects of accidents or convictions on quotations. This is an area that we shall do more research into.

In short, we have not proven that any price comparison engine is any better, or any worse, than any other one. We will need considerably more data to do that. We have, however, made a start. We will build on that in the future, so stay tuned.

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