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GIRLS: Monique Mears

Featured in Freestyle Volume 06 2008. Interview by Cristian Diaz. Photography by Phil Cooper.

With her angel eyes and girl next door nature, it’s easy to mistake this baby-faced assassin for just another docile beach babe. Are you strapped? You’ve been warned…

So is that flawless tan of yours all natural or out of a bottle?

It’s all natural of course. My mum was born in Fiji so that’s where I get the tan from I guess, but I’m actually half Chinese and half English.

Nice. So what made you decide to go for the modelling industry?

When I was 16 I entered a local competition and one of the judges who also happened to be a photographer noticed me and began putting me in different shoots when I turned 18. I started getting photographed for different magazines and it’s pretty much gone from there.

It’s a very common progression for young models to take on acting and performing as their next step. Is flaming Summer Bay an intended destination? Or are you looking at other future directions?

Well, my ultimate goal is to get enough of a name for myself to launch my own swimwear and lingerie label. I really enjoy getting into the designing aspect of things. One of my best mates is in the industry so I would definitely like to work with her in the near future.

Sounds like a solid plan, got any other talents besides designing?

I love firing guns and I can actually hit targets pretty good when I go out shooting with my dad, although with all the new laws it's making it more difficult and less enjoyable these days. I’m still in the process of getting my full shooting license.

That’s fucking awesome, so you're not one of these pansy “save the whales” chicks, you just shoot shit up?

Only targets at a range, I would never kill anything living on purpose!

So does a guy need to be packing heat to have a chance with you?

No, he just needs to show passion in life for what he does; I’m really attracted to guys that are good at what they do. I don’t care what it is, just as long as they put their entire heart into it. I can’t stand guys that are half assed.

So you’re not going out with a sniper?

No a footballer, I don’t really stick to a certain genre.

Weapon of choice?

Any automatic is fine, just as long as it has a lot of kick in it! Speaking of kick, I also really love old American muscle cars; my dad’s got a Ford Mustang. I would love to have one like his but in jet black and with a really loud-ass engine.

You love muscle cars and shoot guns with your old man for fun…who’s your daddy, Schwarzenegger?



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